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Ocular Coherence Tomographer

Here at EyeQ we are all about introducing some of the latest technology into monitoring the health of your eyes. One such piece of technology is the Optical Coherence Tomographer, or OCT for short. This screening device uses non-invasive light waves to take many different styles of images of the retina depending on what our doctors wish to assess. These images can be a cross-sectional image of the retina, a topographical map of the retina, or a true colour image. We can also look at other structures within the eye which makes this screening device incredibly versatile.

Retina – Is comprised of multiple layers of light-sensitive tissue covering the back of your eye. This tissue absorbs light to be processed by your brain and is responsible for your colour vision, dark vision and many other aspects of your sight monitoring the health of this tissue is very important.

Below are some scans from a Topcon Meastro, which is the instrument we have in our office.

Retinal cross-section Meastro anterior segment scan