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May 7 Trunk Show and Sale

Trunk Show Saturday May 7 from 10-3, one day only! 50% Off Frames, 15% off lenses, 25% off non prescription suns!
What is a trunk show? We are moving everything in the shop aside and featuring the lines below for 1 day only and offering HUGE discounts to serve the community in celebration of our welcoming Kate Spade Suns and Smith Optics Suns to the Eye Q Family! On top of that our entire store will be filled with every new model, size, and color of the following eyewear lines:

Kate Spade: known and loved for many years by many people you may be familiar with her purses, dresses and wallets. Sunglasses have been requested in the store by so many we finally see why, they are elegant and chic and seem to look good on every face shape.

Jack Spade: This is a new line and you are correct to wonder if this is Kate Spade’s husband. It is! His real name is not Jack however but he is a Jack of All Trades. He is known for his satchel’s for men and he is someone to watch out for in the eyewear industry.

Marc Jacobs: Another name that’s been in the business for years and will be for years to come. Marc Jacobs and Marc by Marc Jacobs are merging together to give 150 new pieces to view and try on this Saturday at Eye Q.

Smith Optics: A favorite and sought out line for fisherman around the globe. Smiths are responsible for making elite tactical military grade eyewear which can stop a bullet. Their reputation of optical quality and durability is apparent in their sunglasses and it’s no wonder they are loved by all

Carrera Suns: Carrera is a line known for having nice sporty and wrapped frames and are great for motorcyclists who need a frame that fits close to their facial features. This is an excellent line for those who want an amazing polarized lens at a more affordable price.

Tommy Hilfiger: He is still around and making eyewear which shows their ability to change with changing demands. Dr. Taylor’s first pair of glasses were done by Tommy Hilfiger and they are still kicking around 15 years later as an emergency backup in the dashboard of her aunt’s car.
So make sure to stop in to enjoy the atmosphere and also to put your name in to win some fabulous swag from our providers above!