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Dr. Kiera Garner

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Kiera has been an optometrist for 40 years. She is a member of the following associations: Optometric Extension Program, College of Optometrists in Vision Development, Vision Therapy Canada, College of Syntonic Optometry, Neuro-optometric Rehab Association, Calgary Society of Optometrists and Alberta Association of Optometrists. She is an affiliate provider with Dr Zelinsky of the Mind-Eye Institute and is Z-Bell certified. She has done extensive training in the field of developmental optometry, learning disabilities, brain injuries, stroke, concussion, strabismus, cerebral palsy and ASD. Kiera really loves helping people with those types of issues. She provides vision therapy, neuro-optometric rehab and syntonics at Eye Q Optometry.

Kiera studied the Anat Baniel Method of Neuromovement and has volunteered in Ciudad Juarez, Mexico working with children with special needs. She lived in Mexico for two years and is fluent in Spanish. She loves salsa dancing, biking on the river pathways and swimming in the river.