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This was my first visit to Eye Q Optometry and I couldn't be more pleased! The front line staff were fabulous, starting with the pleasant and accommodating response to my first phone call, continuing when I walked in the door where Shayna gave me her undivided attention in helping me to pick from their extensive selection of attractive frames, followed by a second staff person providing her input as to which frame was the most flattering (very helpful) and culminating with the eye doctor who really listened to my concerns and was amazingly thorough in her eye examination.

But the real test, of course, is how the glasses work. Terrific! When I went to pick them up earlier this week, Shayna took the time to make sure they were adjusted perfectly. So unlike my recent experience with some other eye places—one got my prescription wrong, but denied it, and another sold me frames that hurt and couldn’t seem to adjust them so they continued to be uncomfortable.

Thank you Eye Q! I can see perfectly from these new glasses and they fit like a dream. The glowing reviews are well-deserved. April 2016

- Elena Schacherl, Calgary

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